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Playing with nVIDIA GRID on VMware and Citrix accelerated graphics remoting solutions – Get Started User Guides

{Firstly, apologies to all the readers for the delay in sharing this through my blog though it is available online. Thought before it disappears online or the URLs goes missing or bad, i should record it in my blog.} I … Continue reading

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Xendesktop 7.5 – cannot connect to the vcenter server due to a certificate error

This is a repeat of one of my previous blog. The intention to re-write the blog is for following reasons: The issue still persists with the latest version of XenDesktop Edition i.e. 7.5 with Windows Server 2012 R2 environment. The … Continue reading

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Quick VDI Value-Add – Customer Concerns and Tackling Cost

Identify and Analyze VDI Components (Layers) IS EQUAL TO Quick VDI Cost Analysis ( Datacenter related cost have been kept outside the scope of this blog) I have been listening to many customers mainly from small shops and realised that the … Continue reading

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Xendesktop 7.5 – delivery controller and other options grayed out (disabled) in the installer GUI

Scenario Recently, when I was trying out the fresh & shiny 7.5 version of Xendesktop, I stumbled on this very basic yet worth highlighting moment, to avoid unnecessary troubleshooting and for a faster POC (especially for first-timers / beginners). This comes … Continue reading

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How to: Enable HTML5 in XenDesktop 7 to access Virtual Desktops from a HTML5-enabled web browser

Step1: Enable Receiver for HTML5 in Citrix StoreFront Please follow the steps to enable Receiver for HTML5 in XenDesktop 7 environment. This is achieved by logging (RDP) to your Delivery Controller and using the Citrix StoreFront management console. Either accessing … Continue reading

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XenDesktop Studio error: The infrastructure is not responding…

Scenario For the first time when you run the Site Configuration wizard in the Desktop Studio management console, at a point where you need to set the Host Connection, you provide your hypervisor information (in this case, it is VMware … Continue reading

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Horizon View: The View Connection Server authentication failed. The “External URL” setting on the View Connection Server may not be set correctly.

Scenario: During your POC on Horizon View you may come across a situation where in, your view connection server FQDN address fails to resolve the IP address when you access it from a client device outside of your lab network. … Continue reading

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