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Predominantly based around Virtualization, but will include other technology related information and anything else I find interesting and feel the need to share with you. I also use this Blog as both a place to store useful information that I think that will come in handy to me at some point in the future, and also a place to help aid my learning. I find a great way to learn about something is to research about it and then write it up in my own words. I'm Pushpal Ray, from India. As a certified VCP3/4/5 professional, I am currently working as an Independent Consultant. Over 10 years of IT-industry experience, currently focused around the Desktop Virtualization(End-User Computing). I also have extensive experience in Windows Administration, Datacenter Migration, Workload profiling & benchmarking. At my leisure, I enjoy hiking, running, photography, spend hours in my fav coffee shop & spend quality time with my wife. Occasionally, catch up with few friends for a drink!

Part 3 : MDM Configuration and Administration

The Part 3 of this MDM blog series is in continuation of the Part 2 where we went through the design and implementation phase. Configuration and Management for Users, Devices, Email and Application In Airwatch you have the option to … Continue reading

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Part 2 : MDM Plan, Design and Implement

In Part1 of the MDM series, we talked about the initial phase of the project which includes – Assess your environment, Identify types of users/groups, level of access and the different MDM/MEM/MAM profiles based on the criteria to implement MDM in an on-premise … Continue reading

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Part1: MDM-Assess, Identify and Get Started…

Without any adieu and to put down all that I have in my head right now, let me get started right away 🙂   In general, there are very limited resources related to an MDM solution online. Most of the … Continue reading

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vSphere Web Client – session timeout and navigator animation

While working using vSphere 5.5 Web Client, the session logs you out after a specific time period, in other words, the session timed out and you need to re-login back. This is good from a specific perspective so for users this is … Continue reading

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Xendesktop 7.5 – cannot connect to the vcenter server due to a certificate error

This is a repeat of one of my previous blog. The intention to re-write the blog is for following reasons: The issue still persists with the latest version of XenDesktop Edition i.e. 7.5 with Windows Server 2012 R2 environment. The … Continue reading

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VDI Eval/POC/Cost – first stab at a product, things to look at…

Recently I had the opportunity to evaluate multiple VDI vendors (big n small) for one of the customer (SMB). As with any SMB customer, they had no plans to invest huge on VDI as the use-case was very limited and adoption … Continue reading

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vCenter Server generates IPv6 address starting with 2002

Scenario While troubleshooting communication error & conflicts on one of the production vCenter Server, stumped into this issue. Even though the IPv6 is unchecked under IP/DNS properties windows, the server generates a IPv6 address that starts with 2002. You can see … Continue reading

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