Part 2 – GRID on Cloud – Azure or AWS?

If you are planning to do some testing and pilot with nVIDIA GRID on one of the two major public cloud providers – Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), which one would you go for? Answer to it really depends on your objective.

Based on my research so far, it appears to me that Microsoft Azure is a clear cut choice to purchase GPU-optimised cloud compute. Few of the factors (merits) which supports the Azure platform compared to AWS are as follows:

  • Latest underlying host hardware for the GRID solution
  • More granular Compute VM options (cores, memory, disk)
  • Multuple GPU options available – Kepler/Maxwell
  • Higher CUDA cores
  • Higher Number of simultaneous H.264 streams Video Encoding
  • Competitive or lesser pricing for both windows and linux.

To summarize the differences in the platform and configuration between the Azure and AWS cloud offerings, the following tables may be handy checklist to take a quicker decision for your first time customers or otherwise who wants to see the real time performance and user experience:


Azure vs AWS Server Hardware for GRID Comparison

Azure vs AWS GRID VM Configuration Comparison


Azure & AWS Host Comparison

Microsoft Azure References

Azure N-series Availability
Azure pricing
nVIDIA Azure solution brief

AWS References

AWS GPU Instances
AWS Marketplace
AWS pricing

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