NVIDIA introduces GRID VCA!

GRID VCA (Virtual Computing Appliance) is NVIDIA’s first integrated system.  It’s NVIDIA’s first end-to-end system, and it’s called the NVIDIA GRID VCA. It’s a visual computing appliance. GRID cloud offerings partners like Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Dell, Cisco, IBM and HP. All the work is done in the server. It sends the pixel output to your laptop or tablet so fast you think you’re connected to the computer. You could go anywhere with complete security. Everyone’s connected all the time.
It’s 4U in height, fits into a server rack. Inside it are two of the highest performance Xeon processors. Backed up by eight GRID GPUs, each with two Kepler GPUs, integrated into a single appliance. It supports 16 virtual machines. Each device needs to download a single client called the GRID client. What these work areas need isn’t a large rack of servers. 
Benefits of NVIDIA GRID for IT:
  • Leverage industry-leading virtualization solutions, including Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware
  • Add your most graphics-intensive users to your virtual solutions
  • Improve the productivity of all users
Benefits of NVIDIA GRID for users:
  • Highly responsive windows and rich multimedia experiences
  • Access to all critical applications, including the most 3D-intensive
  • Access from anywhere, on any device

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